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Tielle Filling 450 ml

Descriptif : A typically Sétoise dish, the Sétoise Tielle is a delicious regional specialty. It is made with the finest raw ingredients.

ModeEmploi : For a real Sétoise Tielle, use 350 g of bread dough, divide the dough into two pieces of 175 g, and flatten them into two circles of 30 cm. Roll out the first bit of dough on an oiled mold of 28 cm and prick the bottom with a fork. Then fill the mold and cover with second piece of dough, making sure to secure all around by moistening with a little water. For the edge so typical of Tielle (welding edges) cut the perimeter with a knife every 2 cm, then press every other two edges into the mold. Do not forget to prick the top and re-brush with oil mixed with tomato sauce during cooking to get that beautiful orange color.
Variation: You can use two rolls of prepared pie crust and cook 25 to 30 minutes in a 210 ° oven.

GenCode : 32883700000265

Volume : 450 ml

Poids : 360 g

Date limite de consommation : 900 jours


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