Originality and Creativity since 1963

Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of founders Azais and Polito, the company they created is responsible for giving the Sétoise canned food industry its start, literally preserving the regional traditions. Later, metal cans would be replaced and the company would be the first to offer Sétoise prepared dishes in glass jars.

Fifteen years later, having found inspiration in its Sétoise roots, the company had made the natural and logical transition into expanding their product line with a full range of regional dishes. With its commitment to innovation, tradition and quality, Azais-Polito was the first company to bring the following specialties to the French market:

• 1963: First canned Sétoise Rockfish Soup on the French market.
• 1665: In a logical sequence, the first canned Sétoise Rouille with fresh eggs and pure saffron to accompany our traditional fish soup.
• 1970: First canned Sétoise Stuffed Mussels and Squid on the French market, made with the traditional original recipe handed down to us by our grandmother, Finette.
• 1980: First canned seafood salads and marinated baby octopus on the French market. We are still the only company canning naturally in oil and vinegar, without additives and with a long expiration date.
• 2000: The first to offer a line of sea snails in court bouillon, Azais-Polito is also the first company to bring canned sea snails to the French market.

Today the product line offered is very rich, colorful and tasty, featuring fish and seafood soups, prepared dishes and sauces, plus more than forty delicious specialties from the sea. Our products are offered in three different lines which cater to: Specialty Shops, Traditional Shops, Caterers and Restaurants, Regional Products Sections of Grocery Stores and Supermarkets, and Businesses.

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