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/Olive Mix 228 ml

Olive Mix 228 ml

Descriptif : These olives are carefully selected by professionals and have been granted the prestigious AOC label (certifying the product’s origin). This combination features different varieties of olives at three levels of maturity(green, classic bitter and small black) with peppers, herbs and lupin beans. Our brine mixture has been carefully designed to ensure optimal preservation of the olives while maximizing their flavor, texture and scent. At each stage of preparation our products are routinely monitored. An internal laboratory conducts organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological tests at various stages of the process.

ModeEmploi : Once drained, they will bring sunshine to your cocktail hour or be a perfect complement to meat dishes.

GenCode : 3288374000391

Volume : 115g

Poids : 115 g

Date limite de consommation : 600 jours


Taste of the South Line
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