A family history

Azaïs-Polito, artisanal maker of fine preserved fish dishes, is known and recognized for the quality of its products, which have become a primary feature in baskets of gourmet products from Languedoc-Roussillon.

This family business is now the last cannery in the city of Sète, the first fishing port in the Mediterranean, where it was founded in 1963 by two old manufacturing families. In 1945, Georges Azaïs, famous Sète fishmonger and founder of the market’s fish auction, married Lisette Polito and ushered her family’s pasta business into the world of seafood.

Through this alliance, Jean Polito and his brother-in-law George Azaïs would pave the way for a new business, which the two families run today, guarding the secrets that have been passed from father to son for four generations.

"I hope that someday, one of my grandchildren will continue the family tradition of supplying lovers of gourmet food with the finest products and with the same passion for excellence as my ancestors," says Jean-Claude Polito, current CEO of the company.

History of factory Azaïs-Polito