Typical Products

If you’re looking around your kitchen for something with an authentic taste, loaded with flavor and prepared locally, our products are for you.

In our family, authenticity and quality are core values. Azais-Polito guarantees its seafood dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients and invites you to discover "Sétoise" and "regional" specialties. These are genuine products made with high quality ingredients, popular with those in the South of France, and each more delicious than the next. Amongst other things, you can try:

- Our Sétoise Rockfish Soup is made only with fresh, locally fished rockfish and is delicious accompanied by our Sétoise Rouille made with fresh eggs.

- Our creamy Seafood Velouté, Mediterranean Lobster Soup and Lobster Soup

- Our prepared dishes, such as our famous Sétoise mussels and squid stuffed by hand with a filling of meat, eggs, bread, garlic and parsley, according to the true recipe.

- Our Sétoise Squid in Rouille, our Squid or our Tuna à la Provençale, not to mention our whole fish Bouillabaisse with a genuine respect for the authentic preparations of each.

- Our Aioli with fresh eggs, a garlicky mayonnaise famous in the Mediterranean and the perfect accompaniment to all fish, shellfish and raw vegetables.

- Our Olive Tapenade, Tuna or Lionfish Pâté, our sauce Collioure (an exclusive recipe) our Anchoyade with anchovy fillets and delicious Cod Brandade made with whole milk.

If you’re looking to enhance a dish’s flavor and color, feel free to try our sauces for fish and shellfish, which are real treats and are smoother thanks to the use of fresh eggs This medley of sauces will titillate your guests’ palates during an improvised tapas night, accompanying fish and shellfish, raw or cooked vegetables, meat carpaccio or grilled meats.

For your festive meals, if you want to surprise your guests, we must direct your attention to our Mediterranean Lobster Soup, Lobster Soup or Stuffed Squid.

And finally, if you are curious by nature, allow yourself to enjoy our latest creative gem: our Cod Brandade, which has its roots in the history of our city during the famine of 1709. It is said that on Christmas Eve (or December 23, to be exact), cod appeared for the first time on the "Cettoises" tables, distributed generously to the population by a Genoese ship captain. And to perpetuate that memory, true Sétoise families never fail to serve the traditional cod brandade on Christmas Eve.

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