Always attentive to customer satisfaction, Azais-Polito is constantly listening to our clients and taking care to provide products that please them. Our products are developed in accordance with the tastes and traditions of the Sétoise region. They are made with regional ingredients whenever possible. This dedication to quality is responsible for 10 of our products being given the label “Sud de France” (South of France).

In each stage of preparation, we express our beliefs in the land, inventiveness, curiosity, subtle techniques and innovative spirit.

Azais-Polito’s products have continued to generate the same emotion for gourmet food enthusiasts for forty years. To taste our fish soup is to witness to the love of an artisanal canner for his job, every day expressing a genuine return to simplicity. “The emphasis is on flavorful, not complicated, products,” says Jean Claude Polito. “Each ingredient must have a function. At Azais-Polito, we have always preferred the quality to the hype, and today we are proud that our brand is the epitome of high-end regional products.”

The company also provides full traceability upstream and downstream of the products it manufactures. Through its commitment to quality, the management of the company ensures consumer safety by conforming to HACCP standards since 1997 to meet the requirements of European Directive 93/43 EEC and legislation specific to their field of activity: canning industry (Orders of 28/12/1992-09/05/1995 and No. 60-1524 of 30.12.1960).

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