Catering Industry

"A full range of Sétoise and regional specialties for food service professionals! "

Our products are very high quality, highly concentrated in fish, easy to use (requiring only few minutes for preparation), and packaged perfectly to be adaptable tohigh, medium and low seasons. They also have long use-by dates and can be stored at room temperature before opening.
We won’t tell you how to cook, but if you are looking for products that can bring you the ever-so important customer satisfaction, save time, reduce riskof spoilage without any special storage requirements andprovide good profitability, then our products are for you!
Just a taste, and our products sell themselves. Feel free to contact us for a sample or to add our products to your daily menus, à la carte menus, group or family meals, and tapas parties or gourmet dinners. We are at your service and will provide you with products to suit your unique needs.

"To surprise without being pretentious is possible with Azaïs-Polito specialties."