Canning Craftsman

Jean Claude Polito, a worthy heir to his family’s business and entrepreneurial spirit, has embraced his destiny as a maker of fine foods. With a commitment to innovation, he has brought the company to its present size and secured its position as the Ambassador of traditional Sétoise cuisine. Thanks to his family business, the specialties of Séte, a coastal village in France’s southern Languedoc-Roussillion region, were preserved in jars for export and experienced beyond local boundaries for the first time in 1963.

Jean Claude Polito, who has become an artisanal preserver, says, "I guarantee that all our products are manufactured with the respect for taste and tradition of the original recipes passed down to me by my father, Jean; my grandfather, Claude; and my great grandfather Giovanni. Our recipe for fish soup has remained the same for almost 50 years, that's all there is to say... "

History of factory Azaïs-Polito