A symbol of our legacy of savoir-faire from the late 19th century, the two Neapolitan dolls adorning our sales counters have been in the family for four generations and have become witnesses to our respect for tradition and the transfer of recipes from one generation to the next. "At Azaïs-Polito, the story of canning is a story about people."

From father to son, over the course of decades, we strive daily to maintain this knowledge and our traditions. Our small company has always perpetuated the artisanal methods of traditional canning. Always prepared by hand according to our traditional methods, our preserved dishes are distinguished from others by their exceptional taste. The recipes for our soups, salads, prepared meals and sauces require a rigorous selection of the finest ingredients of the highest quality. The scrupulous adherence to these original recipes and our culinary finesse characterizes who we are and allows us to provide you with delicious moments to savor.

These products are authentic and brilliant in their simplicity. Their charm is derived from Sétoise cuisine that is stripped of all pretense to best showcase the natural products of the region. In Sète, a Mediterranean coastal village in France’s Languedoc-Roussillion region, "the singular island dear to Paul Valéry," we are very attached to the cuisine of his childhood, of port flavors influenced by Italian cuisine.

"Every recipe has its own twist, which, in my opinion, is unique. Each family, terroir and region displays own talent," says Jean-Claude Polito.

History of factory Azaïs-Polito