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/Seafood Salad with Oil 5 L

Seafood Salad with Oil 5 L

Descriptif : This summer salad with southern flavors is a delicious blend of cuttlefish, baby squid strips and mussels of the Mediterranean with baby octopus, the symbol of Mediterranean cuisine, particularly in Sétoise culinary tradition. Made with the finest ingredients, it is a natural product with no artificial colors or preservatives (natural preservative: vinegar and oil).

ModeEmploi : Salad is ready to serve. Can be served alone as a cold appetizer or with potatoes, rice, or on a bed of salad greens.Also excellent served as tapas for cocktail hour.

GenCode : 3288371100063

Longueur : 28.4 cm

Volume : 5 L

Poids : 3.9 kg

Diamètre : 17 cm

Date limite de consommation : 300 jours

History of factory Azaïs-Polito