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Provençal Aioli 4 / 4

Descriptif : Typical southern aioli has always had its place among the most famous products of our region. Ours is one of the few on the market still made with fresh eggs, which is the benchmark of the authenticity of a traditional sauce. Our aioli is a handcrafted product. You will be seduced by its garlic flavor and light texture.

ModeEmploi : Along the Mediterranean coasts, we eat aioli mainly with shellfish or fish.
This sauce accompanies other Sétoise dishes equally well, like our fish soup and prepared dishes. Our Aioli can also be served spread on toast for a cocktail hour snack.

GenCode : 3288371100148

Longueur : 12 cm

Volume : 850 ml

Poids : 720 g

Diamètre : 10.3 cm

Date limite de consommation : 300 jours


Hauteur : 12 cm

Largeur : 18.5 cm

Longueur : 27 cm

Volume : 5.1 L

Poids : 4.32 kg

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