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/Saffron Pasta 50g

Saffron Pasta 50g

Descriptif : This Saffron Pasta was created to accompany all of our soups and veloutés and gives each dish a true Sétoise style. Savor their delicious saffron taste that brings even more true Mediterranean flavor.
Let yourself be tempted, it is a real treat!

ModeEmploi : Bring the soup and/or velouté to a boil, pour the contents of the bag and cook 5 minutes over low heat. Sprinkle grated cheese for authentic presentation of a real fish soup or authentic seafood velouté.

GenCode : 3288371110024

Largeur : 8.5 cm

Longueur : 12 cm

Volume : sachet

Poids : 50 g

Date limite de consommation : 600 jours


Hauteur : 14 cm

Largeur : 25.5 cm

Longueur : 38 cm

Volume : 48 sachets

Poids : 2.4 kg

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